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Can you make money doing what you love?

There is no better time then NOW! You hear that all the time because it is true. You can become a professional photographer and make an income from doing something you love RIGHT NOW! Photographers are expected to gross $10+ billion in 2015. You can share in this opportunity. You can have control over your life and income.  I know from my own experience that living a purposeful life doing what you love is the most rewarding experience in the world.

Don’t tell yourself that you can’t do it because you don’t know the first thing about starting a business.  Perhaps you think your photography is not at the level to become professional.  Maybe you feel you don’t have the time or funds to invest in doing a course. 

I am here to help you achieve your dreams and live the life you want. I  created the Photographer in Training (PIT) Program to:

  • Hold your hand through the process of building a successful business.  Receive 1-on-1 coaching sessions that put you on the right path for growth immediately.
  • Your time commitment is a minimal 5-15 hours a week.
  • We discuss how to budget your finances throughout the course.  I teach you what to buy and when. I save you from buying the wrong gear and also guide you on timing your purchases so you can afford to achieve your goals. 
  • We are here to get your photography techniques up to speed so you will be shooting like a pro in no time.
  • When you commit to starting your business, a fire is lit underneath you to start shooting more and practicing to step up your game. If you wait until your photography is perfected you will be dead before you start your business. Don’t let your current skill level stop you from pursuing your dreams.  It just requires commitment.

No more excuses. We are here to make your experience of becoming a professional photographer as smooth as possible. Enroll now or try use free for 14 days.  To get you started, we are offering your first course for free (a $200 value).

What Do You Get When You Enroll?

Brief Overview of the Program

  • The same software used by online universities bring the PIT Program right into your living room or office
  • Earn your certification in as little as 6 months
  • Curriculum includes 12 essential courses for business success
  • 2 individual 1-on-1 training sessions with Jason Kirby
  • Receive a new course every 2 weeks
  • Courses range from 2-3 hours
  • Hands-on coursework
  • You’ll apply what you learn in your assignments
  • Interact with a group of fellow photographers
  • Live Q & A sessions

What You’ll Learn

Each of the PIT Program’s 12 courses are strategically designed stepping stones that will allow you to build a sustainable and profitable photography business. The coursework teaches you to develop the essential skills that are vital for success in the photography industry. A few examples of the essentials covered are: how to find your niche, how to streamline your workflow and inspire confidence in your clients to build long-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships. You will learn SEO, how to legally build a business, tax exemptions, efficient workflow techniques, client building skills and more. The assignments will enhance your information retention and your interaction within the platform will build your network. Your participation, input and questions are not only required, but highly encouraged. You will always be given the guidance and support you need to complete the program and reach your long-term business goals.

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Experienced Photographers

1-on-1 coaching offers a value usually only found in graduate school programs. While the 12 PIT Program courses will give you all the essential building blocks, 1-on-1 coaching customizes the curriculum to your personal needs and fills in any spots you may struggle with.

  • Develop your personal, professional niche.
  • Craft your marketing approach.
  • Outline your website.
  • Critique photos.
  • Review past coursework.
  • Hone in on your strengths.
  • See how to distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

Get 24/7 Access

You get unlimited lifetime access to the PIT Program once you have enrolled and paid your tuition. You can watch the courses at your own pace and do the assignments when you have the time. You can reach out to your fellow students throughout the country and collaborate on your assignments or ask advice for upcoming shoots. This is an amazing resource that you have at your disposal as your progress through the program and earn your certification as a professional photographer.

Your Alternatives

When it comes to education and training there are a several alternatives to the Photographer in Training Program and here we have explained what the more common options are and how they compare.

  • College can exceed $50,000 and require your full-time effort. You’re left with few practical skills to repay your student loan debt.
  • Weekend seminars often cram photographers into hotel conference rooms, where students are overwhelmed for one or two long days. They may cost $2,000 or more. While the material can be worthwhile, nobody has taken the time to help you apply it to your career. There is no accountability or follow up.
  • Most fail in the school of hard knocks. Those who succeed by trial-and-error take the most expensive option of all, costing tens of thousands in mistakes and missed opportunities. They almost always add many years to the average learning curve as well while wasting time and money that could have been avoided with a little guidance.

Compared to the expense of college programs or commercial seminars, the PIT Program not only shows you all the steps to take but costs a fraction of the alternatives. It delivers an entire career foundation in just one 6-month certification course.


We can talk ourselves up all day long, but what this program ultimately comes down to is results. You will learn in the first course of the program (which you can take for free) how to define your own success and what it means to you. The rest of the program guides you on your path to success. We have had students come in as complete novices that want to be a pro commercial photographer. We have others that are moms or dads that just want to do something they are passionate about and make a little extra side cash. Then we have the people that pursue photography as a career and shortly after graduating the program have left their day job and pursue photography full time. Here are some key numbers to pay attention to when considering the PIT Program.

  • 8 out of 10 photographers will fail in the first 5 years of business. This happens to those that don’t have mentors or build their business alone.
  • 75% of people who enroll in the PIT Program go on to get certified and become a professional photographer.
  • 80% of PIT students are parents with at least one child.
  • 65% of PIT students have or had a full-time job while enrolled in the program and still complete the program.
  • Committing 10-15 hours a week on average to your training and development will almost certainly guarantee success within 6 months.
  • When you get certified you must have generated at least $2,000 in income which pays for the program itself.
  • Photographers go from charging less than $50 to charging more than several hundreds of dollars for the same scope of work after graduating the program.

One thing is for sure, no one can deny the results of a structured curriculum that teaches you what mistakes not to make and how to go about reaching your highest level of success. We hold your hand through the process to make sure you don’t end up as one of the 8 out of 10 photographers who fail.

Who is Jason Kirby?

Jason Kirby is the owner of The Right Light Photography, LLC; one of the largest photography companies in San Diego. Jason has serviced dozens of Fortune 500 companies as their go-to event photographer when they come into San Diego. Companies like Samsung, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Colliers, TD Ameritrade, Motorola, and several more have vetted Jason out as a standout photographer who knows how to deliver above their expectations every time. Not only is Jason a successful event and headshot photographer, he has also taught thousands of students locally and across the country to improve their photography. Jason has been teaching people to take better photos since 2008 and has built the largest photography education program in San Diego. It is Jason’s mission to improve the world’s photography and that is exactly what he has set out to do with the Photographer in Training Program. Several people have graduated the program under Jason’s guidance since 2011 and have continued to stay in touch with him to keep taking their business to the next level.


It is one thing to be a successful photographer and educator, but what makes Jason such a great business mentor is his formal education as an entrepreneur and marketer. Jason earned his degree in entrepreneurial management from San Diego State University and is actively involved with the entrepreneurial community in San Diego as a business consultant. Businesses seek out Jason’s advice and consulting to help scale and get new business. Jason was formally trained as a sales & marketing consultant after college and worked for the best marketing consultancy in San Diego. His marketing training has helped him grow his business to six figure revenues and a client base of thousands of people who can’t help but want to hire him again.

Jason’s approach to his students is extremely unique; he makes time in his crazy schedule to give complete, undivided attention to his students during their 1-on-1 sessions. People pay more than $250/hr for Jason’s time, but he includes this in the tuition with the PIT Program, because he once too was a beginner photographer eager to learn and build his business. He knows how helpful it is to talk to a pro about the challenges of growing a photography business and he makes time for his students and answers their questions. What Jason loves to see in his students is passion and the desire to grow. He knows that everything else can be taught as long as you have a passion for photography.

Jason wants you to be a part of the PIT Program so he can help guide you through the treacherous path of building a business and watch you succeed. Nothing brings him greater satisfaction then watching a former student go on to make a very satisfying income doing what they love to do.

See Jason's Portfolio

What Past Students Have to Say

Leslie London
Leslie London Leslie London Photography
“Before the program, I was safe and stuck in my comfort zone. Through the PIT Program, I understand what I’m curious about. I’m becoming more adventurous… read the full testimonial
Meghan Lopez
Meghan Lopez Candid Memories Photography
“I’ve been surrounded by photography my whole life. But before the PIT Program I was a point-and-shoot photographer. Through the program, I’ve evolved…read the full testimonial
Dan Graham
Dan Graham DPG Photography
“Before the program I was a hobbyist aspiring to be a professional. I enjoyed going out and taking casual pictures here and there. I wanted to be a full-time photographer. I joined the program for two reasons. One of …read the full testimonial

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I stand by this program so much that I am offering you a 100% money back guarantee! If you complete all 12 courses and assignments and are not making money, I will refund your tuition in full. I want you to have the peace of mind of your investment so you can focus on growing your business while in the program. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll below and start making money today.


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After applying, I will personally follow up with you and to see if the PIT Program is your best opportunity to make money as a professional photographer.

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